About Carlo

With 15 years of investment banking experience, Carlo Toluzzi is our reliable, professional and passionate license partner. He started his career at UBS in 2000 where he worked as a trader in Zurich, London, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Hongkong before he moved to an Asset Management firm in Zurich, Switzerland. After many years in the financial industry, Carlo was looking for a new challenge. Having built a house in Tulum, Mexico and turning it into a very successful Airbnb business in just a few months, gave him and his family the opportunity to move to their dream destination and pursue more opportunities in the real estate sector. After starting to develop more projects, Carlo was confronted with real estate broker services in Playa del Carmen, which did not meet his expectations. He decided to do it on his own with the help of Engel & Voelkers and he opened his first shop (the second one in all Mexiko) in Playa del Carmen on December 3 2020. Carlo has been growing up with the brand in Europe and knows its standards very well. His main focus is to ensure that the high global standards of Engel & Voelkers are also met in Playa del Carmen. His clients will profit from his extensive knowledge about successfully investing in real estate and his love about the region.